Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Batman Season 3 DVD set

Got this finals season of Batman yesterday for a whole $7.12 at Best Buy.  I am still planning on getting the blu ray set, so someone in the future will be getting Batman DVDs.  I always loved seeing Batgirl swoop across the screen, as it meant more heroes, which is almost always good in my book.  And of course, that made Batgirl one of my favorites (why do you think I had to learn how to play "Be My Batgirl" so quickly?).  I;m looking forward to revisiting these episodes complete and uncut.  I've seen a few on MeTV, but not recently.

I wish more superhero shows were half hours and this action packed, and also this colorful.  Man, I miss bright colors these days.  The new hero costumes look like they take at least an hour to dress in- so much for realism- and quite possibly 2 people to help our heroes.  And Batman now wears nearly a suit of armor, hardly something that is easy to move around in.

Hmm, I seem to have digressed a bit.  I know this last season is a lot cheaper than the first two, but it also makes it look different, which I also always enjoyed. 

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