Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Batman (1943) chapter one

This came from the old message board... ah, the memories...

Right away, we are introduced to the Batcave(it makes it's first appearance in this serial) and Batman, the nation's number one crime fighter! the narrator tells us that Batman and Robin stand ready to fight Nazi spies to the death.

THE Batman calls Captain Arnold and tells him he has a nice package for him. one spy tells Batman Dr. Daka will not be happy, and Robin wants to wait around to see Arnold's face, but THE Batman reminds him that he has a date.

Bruce and Dick pick up Linda. Dick tells Bruce he's taking the masquerade too far. but he says no, also because the gov't has a secret assignment for THE Batman.

Linda's uncle Martin Warren is picked from his prison release up by his old cellmate- tricked by these hoodlums. Bruce has Alfred give chase! the villains' car changes colors so Bruce and co. lose them.

"since a wise government rounded up the shifty eyed Japs" wow, that is just weird to hear, even from a serial set in war time. a good way to teach people about history

Marty is taken to Little Tokyo to meet Dr. Daka and the League of the New Order- dishonored specialists. i reckon by the end of the series Marty will be exonerated. they need him because he is an industrialist. Marty tells him no way! Daka shows him what will happen if he refuses- zombification!how can they keep using these guys if they keep doing this? these zombies are precursors to the ones in SUPERARGO VS THE FACELESS GIANTS- same headgear!

Daka uses some truth serum on Marty. he wants some radium for an atom smashing ray gun. man, that gun works! he will use it to open the safe at the Gotham City Foundation.

Later, at Dr. GORDON's office, Linda berates Bruce for being late as Uncle Martin is still missing. Daka's men go after the truck- Bruce, Dick and Alfred see them, and decide THE Batman and Robin need to go into action!

Dr. Gordon interupts the villains, but is taken out by Marty while the radium is collected. THE Batman crashes through a window and gives chase to the villains, narrowly missing being blasted to atoms! the fight is on! Linda comes to and calls the police. the sack of radium is rescued by Daka's man and he leaves.

Batman is thrown over the edge of the roof!

chapter 2- The Bat's Cave

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