Friday, April 1, 2016

Avengers #62

Now this one I read as a kid. It was my first exposure to Wakanda.  I got it first as a read it as a reprint (minus a few panels) in Jungle Action #5, since Marvel was trying to launch the Panther in his own series then.  Since he was my second favorite hero (after the Vision) I bought the issue, never quite reading that it was an Avengers reprint.  I was a naive little kid, OK?  But it was mostly about the Panther, so it all worked for me at the time.

In this story the Panther brings the rest of the team (Hawkeye, Vision and the Black Knight) to Wakanda so they can rest a bit.  They find out that the Man-Ape has been "helping" run the place and of course now wants to take over from T'Challa.  The other Avengers are indisposed and T'Challa must battle M'Baku to the (apparent) death.  No surprise the Man-Ape eventually gets better. 

This story has the Vision getting drugged, which is a little odd, but I didn't question it then.  I mean, if he "eats" solar energy, why does he drink or eat food?  But once he recuperates... the artwork in this story is just amazing.  Everyone is firing on on cylinders in this time period.  No wonder it had such an influence on me.

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