Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Marine Boy v2 update

Here I thought I was almost ready to go with the update to the book.  Turns out I was wrong as the computer gremlins ate every file with the name Marine Boy on it, aside from the pictures and my original notes.  Fortunately I don't have to write everything all over again, but I am really bummed I lost all of my updates.  On the plus side I'll have better pictures now, with all of the DVD sets in my collection. And I do still have the wonderful cover.  I may design a new back cover as well, since the original one isn't that great.

There will be a fair amount of re-writing though, which will push this project further back than I would have liked.  Hopefully it will be something even better.  Sure wish I knew what had happened to those files- I don't even have the original files or the PDFs for the first version of the book.  Thank goodness the hard copies are still available.

Now I'm really torn about what to do with the first version of the book when the second better one is available.  Thoughts?

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