Sunday, April 3, 2016

Prehistoric Scenes

I had many of of these as a kid- enough to set them all together and run out of room on a large table.  But even for me there were too many to get.  Some I never cared if I got, like the cave people or most of the prehistoric mammals.  I mean, they are kind of neat, but I wanted dinosaurs and these really delivered them in spades.  And really, who cares about animals trapped in a tar pit?  Nothing much moved in that kit, I'll tell you what!  Add to that that most of them had some movable parts and were snap-togethers and these was made for me.

They were also huge.  As I grew older I had less and less room for them and they also got injured which consigned more and more of them to a dusty box.  I'm actually not sure what happened to most of them now though I did use a few of the bases in several of my home movies at the time.  Those were also nice to look at and came in handy for clay dinosaurs to move about on.

This book isn't out yet, but when it does arrive I'll be sure to get it.  I'm sure it will be full of pictures and great info, which is more important to me than having fragile models these days.  Let's get to it, guys!

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