Friday, April 29, 2016

The (new) Flash

I've seen one or two episodes of this show, but since it's on Netflix I thought I'd watch it some more.  So I'm about three episodes in (I really try not to do this binge watching thing) and so far I have to say I quite enjoy it.  There are so many nods for us long term fans I can forgive Barry for looking like he's about 12 years old.  And I do wish the costume was a little brighter, and the villains had their costumes, but the writing is good and there isn't nearly as much "dark and gritty realism" in the show.

This may be a show I want to get on DVD, or Blu or whatever.  Which also means I'll want to watch Supergirl at some point.  Dang it.  Arrow still doesn't interest me much yet, but perhaps later.  Has that show even had super villains on it?  I'll watch once I see the boxing glove arrow make an appearance.

Nice touch with Grodd's name being there right away.  I hear there are more heroes appearing, including the Atom (wearing armor, what...?) but I'll watch this season.

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