Sunday, May 29, 2016

Herbie vol. 1

I have talked about Herbie before with my "Bride of Hembeck" post many years ago, and how that was my introduction to the character.  In the 80s there were a few Herbie comics reprinted and so I got to read the actual stories, and Hembeck totally nailed the character, which made me enjoy both even more.  I don't recall if the stories were presented in chronological order, which I think bugged me at the time, but not enough to stop buying the books.

So now I have Dark Horse's volume one of the Herbie chronicles, and I'm really enjoying it. The stories are presented in the way they were published, and Herbie talks in normal sentences for those first few episodes.  By the time he gets his own magazine the stories are pretty set.   He really is the most powerful one there is!

The art and writing are quite funny, though obviously a bit dated.  I didn't think I would want more than one volume, but if I can find them as cheaply as I did this one I may pick them up.  Go read Herbie- do you want him to bop you with that there lollipop?

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