Tuesday, May 24, 2016

JLA: flashppoint paradox

This one was better, but the character models were awful.  I get that longer hair on men is hard to animate, I suppose, but every one of the male characters has that short cut now.  It makes them all look like they are 12.  Even Thomas Wayne.  And they all have a sour look on their faces, except for Hal.  If the comic looked like this I'm glad I don't read them, as they are all pretty ugly.  The animation was pretty good though, and the acting was fine.  Nice to hear familiar voices here and there.

I didn't realize how large a role the Flash's mom played in everything.  I still really hate time travel stories.  Professor Zoom and the Flash continue their battle.  It ends in an alternate reality which Barry has to set "right".  It's violent and unpleasant, but a decent story.  They "kill" a lot of people and finally we see a Batman using guns.

I don't need to own it.  I'd still love to see an adaption of the first Crisis story, done in Sekowsky's style.  A fellow can dream, can't he?

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