Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Justice League: War

Haven't I already seen this story before? And in a better format?  Apparently it's based on some new version of the origin of the JLA, and it's mostly a combination of the first episode of the JLA animated series and the last episode of the JLU.  And not nearly as well done.  I haven't read any of this "New 52" stuff and I based on this I'm rather glad I didn't.

Let's see, first the good stuff, since that won't take much time.  The animation is very good.  The music is fine.  The Flash and Cyborg come across as the best of the bunch here and at least Barry and Hal are friends.  There are some rather clever and funny moments here and there as well.

The rest... Superman looks like Earth 3 Ultraman now.  All the characters have teenage faces and haircuts, yes, even Batman, who does come across pretty well overall.  Diana's costume looks like Wonder Girl's and her dialog makes her come across as a twelve year old, rather than a grown woman, though I get they were going for naive.  Hal comes across as a jerk as does Billy Batson in both version (and calling himself Shazam now?  poor Captain Marvel, you deserve better).  

And none of them know or like each other, save for Barry and Hal,  They were all unpleasant overall, with Hal acting more like Guy "Batman's punching bag" Gardner most of the time.

And aren't we over Darkseid as the constant big bad?  Where were the rest of the heroes?  Why didn't GL call the rest of the corps down to help out?  And what's with Superman killing Desaad?  There was a plethora of swearing, but it seemed ever so out of place.

Glad I didn't buy this.  Let's see if Flashpoint is any better.

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