Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The King of New Orleans

Nice quick bio of the legendary Junkyard Dog.  I never got to see the JYD in his prime, which sadly lasted only about five years due to a wide variety of personal issues, which this book does go into as well.  It's a sad thing to see this idol of millions descend into addiction, but it's sadly not an unusual thing.  Still, this is more of a celebration of his career, rather than a tell all about his life.

It's a quick read, as I mentioned, but it's got some good pictures and presents a good look at his short career in Mid-South, plus his later run in the WWF.  It would be hard to have a much longer book without the star being able to be interviewed.  Alas the Dog didn't make it long enough to have a "shoot" interview. 

It's all well researched, though I wish it had stuck to an easier timeline, as the author jumps forward and backward depending who and what he was talking about.  He covers the major angles of the JYD as well as the rise and fall of Mid-South Wrestling.  He also was a fan and talks about that aspect as well.  All in all it's recommended.

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