Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Little Rascals

I went to see this movie because it had Shasta Cola as a sponsor and I felt sorry for it.  I mean, it wasn't even enough to get a good soda to help it along?  I did enjoy it quite a bit overall, even if it was a pastiche of the more memorable shorts from the original run.  An original story would have served the movie a bit better, but I wasn't expecting that even when I saw it the first time.

It was not a big hit.  It suffered from trying to have every trope they could use and every possible character- Froggy really wasn't needed, and Darla tended to overact.  The kids were good, though.  It was also a bit schizophrenic, as what kids in the mid 90s looked like kids from the early 30s and had all the old-fashioned stuff that made the originals so charming?

Using the He-Man Woman Haters Club was a bit silly as well, at least by this time frame.  It was dated, if still funny, in the 70s and was not quite as funny in the 90s.  I wish they had gone with the International Silver Screen Submarine Band instead. 

"Maybe we ain't us?"

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