Thursday, May 5, 2016

Turok, Son of Stone

I always loved these covers as a kid, they were dynamic and painted and looked great.  Then I would open the book and be disappointed that the art wasn't like the Marvel or even DC stuff I was reading at the time.  As I've gotten older I've grown to appreciate it a lot more now.  It's simple and clean and tells the story well.  It may not have been as dynamic as the Marvel art I loved but it sure looks great these days.

So I never bought many Turok comics, though I had a few here and there.  I do still own this digest sized version of his first several adventures, but I rarely open it now since it's well read.  I recently ordered the Dark Horse collection, volume one, and am really looking forward to reading these first several stories again. At least the first five or so were kind of connected, which as a kid I liked.

This also has the oddball "Indian Chief"  stories, which I also enjoyed, but never read any more than these two that were presented in this digest.  I'll be interested in seeing if there are any more included in these first ten stories.

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