Tuesday, May 31, 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse (2015)

This makes two movies in a row I've really liked, and even better, two X-Men movies in a row I've quite enjoyed- heck, including First Class that should really be three.  Sure, this one is a bit too padded with needless sequences that could easily be removed with no harm to plot and would pick up the pace (Colonel Stryker wasn't needed in here at all, despite the "surprise" cameo it did provide) and of course I think three code names were used and only Psylocke was called that more than twice.  And while there were no costumes for our heroes, really, that actually was OK given the storyline and how things were supposed to go.

I never thought I would say this either, but Quicksilver stole the show,  especially since he provided most of the comedy (though some excellent lines for us nerds were peppered about).  He must be tapping into that Speed Force that's in other universes, because he is insanely fast.  Still, it was great to see his personality come through, and that he wasn't the arrogant, prejudiced jerk that he has been in the comics.

It was nice to see those three pictured at the top in starring roles as well.  Did I mention this is a period piece?  It's set in 1983, which is now longer ago than I care to remember.  No cell phones or laptops or anything like that.

I've never cared for the villain, as so many are now earth shakers that cosmic stories can ruin the smaller ones, but he did come across well, and I only thought of Ivan Ooze a few times.

Anyway, it's pretty good.  Take out about 20 minutes and it would be great.  Plus Storm in full Wendy O mode... that was awesome.

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