Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Agents of SHIELD

Much better than I was expecting, especially after all the fanboy nonsense about Daredevil, which I have found a chore to get through even three episodes.  It does help that these episodes are only 42 minutes long and they are filmed in the daytime.  Not nearly as grimdark as DD.  And at least they look like SHIELD agents, and the flying car has even made an appearance.  I love the references to the movies and other heroes and Agent Coulson (possible LMD?), just rocks.  I'm only about five issues, I mean episodes in and I really enjoy it.

It was also nice to see this Earth's Nick Fury show up, that really helps connect it to the other movies.  I'm hoping more superheroes show up at some point, since that would be kind of fun.  I do miss the original Howling Commandos and hope a few show up at some time as well.

Anyway, I've also heard the show gets better as it goes, so that fills me with hope as well.  Dang it Marvel, you sure are getting me excited about these shows and movies!

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