Thursday, June 2, 2016

Captain Hydra?

People still fall for gimmicks like this?  Superman dying, Capt getting shot, replaced or changing his ID. Batman and the broken back, Spider-man and... well, you name it- all these are cheap publicity stunts designed to get people talking.  They keep doing it since it works.  It lasts maybe a year, and then things all go back to normal.

I'm just astounded it works so well every time they do it.  Make Thor a woman?  Lots of press.  Give DC's big three a lousy makeover on their costumes?  Check.

Anyway, Cap won't be a "Hydra" agent for long.  And when did Marvel stop wanting to call them Nazis?  Fascism should always be labeled and shown for what it is, right?  Anyway, this will soon be over, and we will get Cap back.  Have no fear, then Marvel can finally bring Uncle Ben back from the dead.

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