Thursday, June 23, 2016


After all the nerdishness about this new show I'm slowing making it through the first season.  It's well acted and written, but still seems far more crime drama than superhero show.  I've never been a huge DD fan, though I do like the character.  I have never seen the Ben Affleck movie, but I do remember Rex Smith taking a turn as DD in the last Hulk movie.  I've heard how gritty and realistic this new version, so I was a bit askance at watching it.

Well, it's not bad.  Still, I'd prefer a hero acting more like a hero rather than a criminal.  And like Arrow, this DD acts a lot like Batman now, right down to his "costume" which looks exactly like the one Rex Smith wore, except for the facial hair.  I'm assuming he gets a more traditional costume later on, but I don't know if they can keep my interest that far.

It's all so dark and grim, with most of the authority figures on the take somehow.  There seem to be five honest people in New York City now.  And all those squishy realistic sound effects during fights.  Yuck.  It's just not needed to prove how realistic the show is and it gets deadening after about five minutes of it. 

The fights are pretty well done and not even remotely realistic. So there's a plus.  It's also a good thing Foggy is there, since he's pretty much the only slight comic relief in the show.  Maybe once I get through all three seasons of SHIELD I'll try to watch more of this one.

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