Thursday, June 25, 2009

den liner?

I gotta say, I don't think I could or would enjoy Kamen Rider Den-O that much. at least judging from his (their?) appearance in Decade. too weird, even for me. I do like their forms, more than the bulky looking armored Riders of Blade or Kabuto. I think Faiz looks like a good show. from the appearances of all the ads for the Den-O/Decade movie crossover, it looks like it was a popular show though.

I'm almost to episode #18, which is the first part of the Hibiki crossover. drat, now I will have to wait until four more episodes get subtitled to see what happens.

in Marine Boy news, tomorrow I'll be getting the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" disc with the episode of our hero on it. I rented the first disc, and was less than impressed with the selection. I'll discuss more tomorrow once I view it. looks like it might even have Herculoids on it!

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