Wednesday, April 24, 2024

HOTW- The Hulk


The Hulk first appeared in 1962, as a interesting take on both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as well as the Frankenstein Creature.  Dr. Bruce Banner sacrificed himself to save dumb ass teenager Rick Jones (a point missing in every live action adaptation of the character) which brings out his inner behemoth.  Needless to say, he is thought of as a monster in this form.  At first, Banner only changes into the Hulk at night.  Then stress made him change.  The Hulk was not the childlike Hulk of "Hulk smash!" fame, but was articulate enough to communicate with RIck and other humans.  He was also grey, though the green Hulk was probably a better idea overall.  The misunderstood monster motif could only run so far, and Hulk got pardoned, was an Avenger for two whopping issues, then became a Defender for a long spell.  Also, he wasn't Marvel's first Hulk...

Monday, April 22, 2024

Calvin Monday 3-13-89


"Some assembly required" were about the worst words you could read when getting a new toy.  I was a lot like Calvin, and not very gifted with models.  I liked my toys pre-assembled.  Unless they were Legos, of course, since building was part of the process.  It is odd that Calvin only played with Tinker Toys.  It seems like Legos would be a natural for Calvin.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Vintage Paleo Art

I love vintage paleo art.  These are the dinosaurs (and other prehistoric animals) I grew up with.    It was a fun time, and many of the drawings and paintings were full of imagination.  Some were so imaginative that they barely resembled the animals they were supposed to be.  Can you imagine a Stegosaurus stenops using its back plates to be able to fly or glide?  That was a popular idea at one point.  It was one that even made it into print, when Tarzan went to visit Pellucider.  It sure is a striking visual, though!  I miss the days when these animals did live up to their "terrible" monikers.  I like a lot of current paleo art as well, don't get me wrong.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Yog Promo from Space (AIP, really)

I am watching this movie again for the podcast episode tonight.  I saw it at the exact right age range (8-12 years old) and I loved it.  The monsters were cool, if not exactly scary, and the plot was fun.  I have become very interested in the promotional pressbook material for these movies.  These were sent out before a movie was scheduled to be shown, and then were supposed to be destroyed or returned.  This means some are quite rare.  I had some facsimile sets, and a few originals, but I am glad people are getting them online these days.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Road to Utopia (1946)


From Wiki- Academy-Award-winner Robert Benchley introduces the film, explaining that “the front office” has charged him with explaining the plot “and other vague portions of the film.”  Sal and Chester Hooton, an old married couple, are visited by their equally old friend Duke Johnson, and the three reminisce about their previous adventure in the Klondike. Back to me- The flashback goes on about the adventure, how our heroes got to Alaska and met Sal.  They have a lot of adventures, sing some songs and even have a little romance as well.  The map to a goldmine is the plot contrivance, and generally, a good time is had by all.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

HOTW- Rocket J. Squirrel

 Rocket J. Squirrel was considered the star of the series.  He could fly, rather than glide (like real flying squirrels).  When Rocky and Bullwinkle debuted in 1959, it was under Rocky and his friends.  This series has had several different titles over its long and storied career, and they are all for the same five seasons.  I have been rereading the Moose that Roared (can't believe I have had it for five years and that the book is 25 years old) and started watching the cartoons from the DVD set.  I have had it for a few years, but haven't been watching the discs for a while.  I am now in Season Two, and greatly enjoying the stories.  The episodes look and sound great.  When the cartoon was remastered for VHS the audio was redone completely, using the original tracks.  The R&B episodes are presented in the order they were made, but all the other segments, such as Dudley, Peabody, etc are scattered into them.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Calvin Monday 3-11-89

The day has finally come- the beanie has arrived!  The huge amount of Calvin's anticipation is about to pay off!  Until he reads the dreaded words "Some assembly required."  The batteries shouldn't be an issue, since Calvin's father is the sort who is always prepared for all contingencies.  I bet he has batteries in the freezer so they will last longer when needed.  My stepfather sure did.  They were also labeled when use began.  Be that as it may, having to put something together was always loaded with fear.  Something could, and probably would go wrong, especially if glue was involved.