Wednesday, October 7, 2009

an episode of the Green Hornet

called "The Preying Mantis". There's been tons of talk about this new GH movie (starring *ugh* Seth Rogen, though the pics don't look bad, actually) and it made me want to watch some of the tv series.

this happens to be one of the better known episodes, since GH and Kato take on a tong in a protection racket scheme. so there's a Chinese Connection (sorry, couldn't resist) here as well, which had to be something pretty rare on US tv back in the mid 60s, don'tcha think?

anyway, the new evil leader of the Tong is none other than Mako, who would later become a sidekick for Conan. he actually gets the drop on Kato and dumps our hero into a trashcan. now that's going all out for the story!

his style is the Mantis Fist, which is an actual kung fu style. I wonder if Bruce coached him, as he gets the hand position to looded like it should. there are a few more martial arts battles in this episode, including some with the traditional weapons. which is ironic, since Bruce's style (at the time), wing chun, only has the staff as it's main weapon.

here's almost the end result of the last battle, though you know our hero is the victor. it's a pretty brief skirmish, though I once saw a stripped version of the episode which left out the entire battle leading up to this. sometimes editors baffle me. still, it's a fun episode to watch, as are all of them, since they only had 26 in the series.

here's hoping that what almost promises to be a fia
sco of a new movie coming out that someone gets the rights to this cleared up and out on legit DVD.

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