Friday, October 2, 2009


finally finished the entire series of Juken Sentai Gekiranger, and it was lots of fun. the villains were defeated, Mele and Rio turned out not so bad after all, which probably annoys the "villains are always cooler than the heroes" fans and there were lots of fights that were not always aided by CGI or flashy effects.

and I know it'll never happen, but I so wish the toys, er, "mecha" didn't have to be so prominent in almost every freakin' episode. and so frickin' many of them, I couldn't keep track of all the thousands of forms and names. one or two giant robots are cool, and if used sparingly would be a special thing instead being turned into the cliche.

this is also the first super sentai I have ever followed start to finish (thank the gods for fansubs) so I am sure there are many similarities between this and in the series from the last 21 years. wouldn't surprise me a bit. now let's have someone fansub GoRanger. JAQK is supposed to be done, but so far it has not gotten past the first episode.

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