Monday, October 12, 2009

Kamen Rider Hibiki

been watching this cool show, am up to episode #15 or so. it's not really a "Kamen Rider" show, it's like they used the name at the last moment for commercial value (imagine that).

it's about a battle of Oni (the good guys) vs the Makamo (the bad guys). both are demons of a kind, but the Makamo tend to make meals out of humans.

the gimmick here is that the Makamo can only be defeated by the use of "pure sound" so our heroes use drums, horns and guitars to defeat both the human sized monsters and the giant ones that show up.

I really enjoy the musical aspect of the show. it's novel and very cool. the human aspect is also interesting, to a degree. it'll be fun seeing how it evolves. there's lots of good action in this show, without relying on effects too much. there's also some controversy about the series, as shown on Wiki here.

Hibiki returned in Kamen Rider Decade, mostly recast, but not bad.

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