Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tetsujin 28-go (2004)

This is a great series. well, so far, 3 episodes in it is, anyway. it's a remake of the original series, known as Gigantor in this part of the world.

I love Gigantor, and am leery of remakes and the overused and ridiculously termed "re-imaginings". However, this one is brings a whole slew of things to the table the original would not have been able to at the time. it's more mature, and has a lot of talk about Japan's role after the war, and Gig- er, Tetsujin's part in the war is also discussed at length in the first episode. as we all know, the first chunk of episodes of Gigantor were not ever adapted in this country.

the animation is quite fabulous for a tv show, and the characters look good. I like that they don't look like most current Japanese animation people, more of the nifty "retro" look which suits the feel of the show well.

we even get to see a "Frankenstein" creature as well *(he was also in the original toon).

at some point I'll talk about Gigantor, but I still want to watch the rest of that original series as well. it really does boast on of the best themes ever!

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