Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ultra toy time

here are two of my first Ultra Monsters that I ever bought.  I got them from the long gone Pony Toy Go Round in 1989 or so.  they were about $5, if I remember correctly, mailed right to me in Colorado.

I believe I had gotten one monster from The Paper Doll (of all places, in the now long gone Crossroads Mall in Boulder, CO) but really wanted my beloved crying monster Sea Boz (not that I knew his name back then).  so with the help of my friend Jim K I got in touch with Pony Toy Go Round and voila, here was my monster.

and since I didn't want him to be alone I picked up Keeler from the later episode I saw.  which was also really cool to have.  Bandai did really great work back then on the Ultra Monsters.  these guys are quite durable, since they are over 20 years old now, by my reckoning.

I later on got a huge amount of Ultra Monsters, and several of the Ultramen as well.  fortunately common sense eventually prevailed and I quit trying to collect every figure, which would have been nigh impossible anyway.  I still have my original Ultraman (from the Boulder Mile High Comics on Pearl Street, also sadly long gone) which I'll post about later on.

it's too bad these were never available when we were kids.  what an untapped money bonanza they would have been!

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