Thursday, November 26, 2009

what? Marine who?

I wish I had some news about the Marine Boy book I'm working on, but it's still about 78% finished still.  I thought I'd post some grabs though!

I think most of these are from the recent legit DVD set of Saturday Morning TV Cartoons v.1, which contained one gorgeous episode of Marine Boy.

I would love to think a legit release was on it's way, but so far there's been nary a peep.  at least now we know who actually owns the rights to the series.

here's our hero throwing his boomerang in the opening credits.  the theme song is catchy, but it's not a patch on the Japanese version, one of the few I prefer over the US one.  it's a catchy pop song.

here's a giant monster catching a plane mid-air.  this was an episode I saw twice in a row, so I remembered it much more than any other episode.  at the time I was disappointed that I had gotten up at 6 AM to see the same cartoon, but now I'm glad it happened. 

at least it had several of these giant monsters sprinkled throughout the episode, making it a very exciting show.

I wonder if anyone actually called WDCA and told them they were airing the same episode again.  these days some fans would have been on the internet immediately, registering their digust throughout the world, and hoping some clown got fired for the mix up!

lastly, a shot of Marine Boy and Splasher having a conference.  this is one of the things that is greatly appealing about the cartoon- who wouldn't want a dolphin as a playmate/best friend?


Chris Sobieniak said...

In those days of local syndication, it was more up to the station itself over what episodes they were going to play that morning or the week if a log was written down and followed. This might have been more a snafu on their part if they re-used the same reel over again the next day or so. You have to remember this was still the days when stations received their programming on film itself, rather than tape or from a satellite feed, and very often the discretion of the station itself plays very much into the way these programs had been presented before the days of proper video mastering. I have great stores to tell of how a station in Detroit loved to chop up it's WB cartoon package into the late 80's.

Xenorama said...

I am sure they just put the same reel on by accident. since it was about 6 AM or so, I can only imagine that they didn't think anyone would notice or care.

at first I thought I was seeing a sequel episode, but then it turned out to be the same one. sure helped keep it in my mind though!

Chris Sobieniak said...

Yeah that was probably what it was.

Xenorama said...

I bet someone would get fired for that now! somehow, it's not as much fun these days.