Monday, November 30, 2009

yester plot

what's this?  young Spock and older Spock together for the first time?

way back in 1973 the continuing adventures of Star Trek were done in animated form.  this series seems to be the least talked about of all the Trek spinoffs, but it is one of the best, if not the best of the sequels.

this is from the episode "Yesteryear" in which Spock travels back in time to set things right, after something happened in a previous journey through time.

I really dislike time travel stories.

he uses the "Guardian of Time" which made it's first appearance in "City on the Edge of Forever" to rectify matters (as he and Kirk did in that episode.

it's also a sequel of sorts to the episode "Journey To Babel" where we find out young Spock has a pet sehlat, sort of a teddy bear with six inch fangs.  it's name is I-Chaya, and the cartoon deals with quality of life issues (amazing in 1974, I'll tell you what).

apparently a cg sehlat was animated in the "Enterprise" series, but as that show was eminently disappointing I didn't last long enough to see that appearance.  dollars to donuts says he wasn't green or even brown in the episode.

the entire series was released on DVD sometime back.  I'm surprised no idiot executive has decided that the series looks too dated and wants to go back and re-animate it and just keep the voices.  wouldn't surprise me one bit.

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