Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monster of the Week- Cranky Rex

sure, he's not really a monster, but a grumpy old tyrannosaurus rex chasing our cavemen heroes I think qualifies.  he certainly has a lot of character in the movie.

and YES, he is definitely a HE in the movie.

anyway, he's pictured here, chasing Atouk, Lar and Tala after Gog has inadvertently disturbed him, shall we say?  of course, Gog is left behind completely unaware of what the beast is doing to his daughter and their new friends.

what an amazing shot of our heroes fleeing from... hmm, he needs a name, but I just realized "Grumpy" is already taken.  we could call him "Dopey" since later on in the movie he actually is.  no, can't call him that either.  got it, Cranky!

and it would kind of keep the whole "Seven Dwarves" motif.  he's really not that smart, either.  this was shot in scenic Durango, Mexico, which looked prehistoric in 1981, and hopefully doesn't look much different today.  beautiful landscape abound, and the dinosaurs and other prehistoric critters look right at home in this place.

here Atouk (played by Ringo Starr) is about to accidentally save the day by inventing shish kabob on poor ol' Cranky.

this is a well animated and exciting scene, which made Cranky a menace, even if he never did get a meal (until his last scene in the movie).

I love this movie, saw it four times in the theater.  even it's page at IMDB seems to have a lot of compliments about it.  I always hoped for a sequel back then, I mean, wasn't Son of Caveman a natural title?  zug zug, indeed!

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