Saturday, December 5, 2009

the most powerful one there is

As many of you may know, or at least surmised, I like my superheroes pretty superheroic.  never much cared for satiric heroes, though I enjoyed a parody or two (Batboy and Ruben, to name one).

I bought this sometime in 1980, and it has been making me laugh ever since.  Hembeck takes our favorite heroes to some vague limbo where they are able to relax and hangout with each other.

of course, this doesn't work out at all for anyone, not even his lovely bride Lynn.  it's chock full of heroes doing and saying and wondering things we as fans often thought.  Hembeck just drew it all out for us to laugh at.  And he even thought of things that I would never have wondered- I'll just leave it at Phoenix thinking Mr. Fantastic is wasting his considerable super power...

the Hulk meeting Captain "Shazam" Marvel is a riot, as well as the discussion of the endowment of most heroines that happens between Supergirl and Ms. Marvel.

however, it's when Jonah Hex makes his appearance in the book that this post is about.  he shows up and interacts with a rather irate Tommy Tomorrow ("gol danged prissy self righteous twerp!"), followed by Archie Andrews being threatened with ventilation ("comics code has taken all the fight out of young uns) and then he meets...

Herbie Popnecker, AKA the Fat Fury.  most powerful one there is.  talks funny.  women overpoweringly attracted to him.

I had never heard of Herbie before, but this intrigued me.  however, it would be several years before I saw the Fat Fury in action.

A+ Comics reprinted several of his adventures in the early 90s, and these comics were like nothing else I have ever read.  just amazing, well drawn, written and incredibly funny to read.  but there were only 6 issues.
they were also in black and white, but that didn't bother me.  however I have recently found out that Dark Horse Comics had released three volumes of Herbie in nice hardcover editions!  I see I have some more money to spend in the near future.


if you want to read some truly offbeat comics, try Herbie,  there really is nothing like it.  or you want I should bop you with this here lollipop?

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