Monday, December 14, 2009

the Trio, 16 years later

first off, I gotta say I love the theme song.  I would love to have it uncut, but have no idea where to find it.

I cannot believe it's been sixteen years since The Heroic Trio was released.  it was one of the first of the "New Wave" of Hong Kong movies I ever saw, if not the first.

I was not disappointed at all, even when watching it on a multi-gen VHS tape with white subs against occasional white backgrounds.  not to mention the always rather interesting English that said subtitles would contain on occasion.

A few years later I got to see it on the big screen, and damned if the subs were STILL invisible on occasion against white backgrounds.  it's a pretty cool superhero movie, full of those amazing HK stunts.  the story is pretty touching as well, all in all.

the big news at the time was that it brought together the three biggest actresses in HK then, the late Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung and the great Michelle Yeoh to work together, and they are just wonderful in their roles as Wonder Woman, The Thief Catcher and The Invisible Girl (how they never got sued is beyond me).

I have the Tai Seng DVD, which is uncut and features three languages and mostly accurate English subs.  it's amazing to read the yellow subs that tell me what's going on now!  the ending battle is still amazing, complete with weirdo stop-motion monster.


Mark said...

Fantastic film! Thanks to TNT or some other cable station I was able to see this and the sequel, as well as some other Michelle Yeoh movies. 16 years, though? Yikes!

Xenorama said...

I can hardly believe it as well. just flew by!

Chad said...

I finally got see it and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it yet you might enjoy Yeoh's Silverhawk(also known as Flying Falcon). It is also a super hero film and is reminiscent of Trios. Have you seen the sequel Executioners? I will have to check that one out at some point.

David McRobie said...

I had watched some of Silver Hawk, but for some reason never finished it. it was your recommendation that made me want to see it.

I have seen the Executioners, but alas, it's very very different in nature to the sequel, and I didn't care for it much. I should watch it again sometime.