Thursday, December 3, 2009

VS titles

no, not that awful Kitamura movie.  this is just a flick from the 50s.

this is just about one of the coolest titles to a movie.  and it completely misrepresents the movie in so many ways.  it's a cool little flick though.  however, nothing beats it's 8mm cover-

a giant skull-headed spider?  that's an amazing image.  and I'm kind of surprised Mr. Bert I. Gordon didn't actually try to do it in the movie, though it would have looked completely ridiculous on the surface.

done properly, it could have made some scary final scene.  I'm sure now they would just have some overdone cg thing that didn't look any more real than Bert's monster.

which was a real tarantula!

there was some forgettable remake done (around the same time as the aforementioned Teenage Caveman) but it didn't feature a giant spider at all.  what was the point, then?

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