Friday, January 15, 2010

how long ago?

I moved to San Diego in early 1990.  the reasons were many and varied.

here's one of them.  this is my first pass to the 1990 Comic Con.  I was a volunteer, and since I knew how to run a movie I only had to do 6 hours instead of 8, and I got those done the first two days.

it was a lot of fun.  the Con hadn't moved to the brand new convention center yet, it was still on "C" Street.  this was the last year it was there.  I remember walking in and seeing the dealers' room- it was amazing.  comic books as far as the eye could see, along with a few toys, t-shirts, books and video tapes.

now it's just the reverse.  though I think the comic sellers might be about the same, with all the other nonsense around it seems so much smaller.  hardly about comics at all any more.

let it move to L.A. or Vegas.

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