Monday, January 4, 2010

Monster of the Week- the monolithic kind!

The Monolith Monsters feature some of the most unique monsters in all of filmdom- not animals or vegetables grown to giant proportions, but rocks!

arriving on a crashed meteor (actually stock footage from the most excellent It Came From Outer Space) the rocks are harmless at first.  harmless until the come in contact with water, that is.

then they begin to grow, crash down, and rebuild themselves as the suck the moisture from the ground, which is now saturated due to a very convenient thunderstorm the night before.

the rocks are impressive, filmed in high speed and the sound effects are good.  of course, when watched a UHF station at 2 AM they look really cool.  the recent DVD release is great as well, but sometimes you see a little too much.

I remember reading about this movie in various books and magazines, but never seeing any pictures of the "monsters", so when finally viewing it I was surprised at what they looked like.

makes one think twice about picking up a strange stone or two in the desert, I imagine!  not that it stops me, since i know the solution!

here our heroes watch as the monoliths are stopped in their tracks.  it would have been nice to see some city destruction, though I am sure we were lucky enough to get to see what we did.

I saw this a few times on KWGN Channel 2, usually on Sunday afternoons, but I do believe once was late Friday or Saturday night.  it's not a long movie so they didn't waste too much time on much characterization.

it seems this one would be ripe for a sequel... I mean, what happened to all the space rocks once they were stopped?  dang ol' 50s movies just END when the menace is stopped.

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