Wednesday, February 17, 2010


remember when we found out there were other "English" Ultra series?  we all knew that Ultra 7 was dubbed in in Hawai'i, and then again for Turner, but suddenly we discovered there were Malaysian dubs of the various series in English.

sort of.  heavily accented English, for sure, but at least it was true to the story and once you got used to the accents you could understand the "English" as spoken.  of course, some of the translations were interesting... "formed a giant do-nut" from Ultraman Taro was one of the funnier lines.

I really enjoyed watching those few tapes that made it over here, sometimes in poor quality- transferring a PAL tape to VHS doesn't always look very good, really. 

Ultraman Ace was the first dubbed show I saw.  I had previously watched the entire series in Japanese, the first complete Ultra I had seen since the original.  he's always been a sentimental favorite for that reason.

the 8 episodes I have in English now are the first for and 25-28, which is a good selection overall.  I believe someone redubbed the English over the then current Japanese VHS tape or possibly a laserdisc copy, though they still have suffered from being several generations away from their original versions.  who knew computers would eventually make quality a lot easier to control?

Ace is zapping the first monster he fights, Verokron.  not one of my favorite Ace monsters, but not as silly as they started getting later on in the show.

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