Thursday, February 11, 2010

Amazon is here!

I'm surprised I haven't talked about my favorite Kamen Rider yet, in the three years I've had this blog.  well, that ends today!

lovingly subtitled by the fine folks at Hi No Tori (who are doing some other cool shows, take a look) is Kamen Rider Amazon.  this is the one Showa Rider not based on a bug, he's a lizard from the Amazon (I know, big surprise) who heads to Japan to stop the evil group Gedon from taking over the world.

it's such a cool costume.    how many superhero costumes actually come with teeth?

what's shown here is Ishinomori's drawing for the commercial breaks, and the funny warning from Hi No Tori not to sell the episodes.  I love the dynamic pose Amazon is taking, leaping down on his adversaries. 

I like the lizard motif, and the relative sleekness of the costume design.  in "real" life the helmet is a little less impressive, but I'm glad that didn't stop them from using the design.

slightly different angle here, and you see more of the whole drawing.

this is possibly the bloodiest show for children one might ever see.  Amazon is as violent as his enemies, biting them in both human and hero form.

OK, sure, he was raised in the Amazon Jungle, so perhaps he's got a decent excuse.  Tarzan crossed with superheroes!  he makes an new appearance in Kamen Rider Decade, which was nice to see.

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