Thursday, February 4, 2010

cute babies?

sometimes, monster movies feature the young of the bigger monsters.  Gorgo (1961) is one of those films.  usually it's not a good sign to see young beasts.

in One Million Years, BC (1966, the best dinosaur movie ever) Luana (Raquel Welch) has a bit of a problem with some hungry baby pteranodons.  she actually gets away from them, and they are the ones who come to a rather gruesome end, but still, they aren't that cute!

earlier in the movie, we get a great scene- possibly the best man vs small dinosaur battle ever put to film as our hero Tumak (John Richardson) has to battle a hungry allosaurus.

fortunately for the Shell Tribe, he's good at it.  this was back when ALL dinosaurs just wanted to kill all people, since the critter had already maimed and killed one caveman, and you would think that would fill it's stomach (it's not much bigger than a person).

nope, this one goes after the rest of the tribe, and then spies a little cavegirl perched in a tree (courtesy our hero).  not that she would have been much more than a quick snack for the ravenous reptile, it still makes a beeline for her.

it too meets a rather gruesome end.

if it's all the same, I will go with the cutest baby monster- Minya, pictured here from Destroy All Monsters (1968) as Ghidorah crashes into the Earth.  or maybe it's when Angilas does.

now he's adorable!

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