Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the JSA animated!

another fun episode of The Brave and the Bold, this time it featured the first super team- the Justice Society of America.  they had to team up with Batman and the Black Canary (this time the daughter of the original) to stop the time terror of Per Degaton!

Per Degaton is a lot more menacing in this episode than I've ever seen him in the comics, but that's only been a few appearances that I've read.  of course by now he's had 2942 retcons and back stories and such.

anyway, there's some tension between the old guard and the new heroes, as Batman and Black Canary think each other got preferential treatment from the JSA.  it's a nice sampling of the heroes, though I missed Johnny Thunder.  maybe next season!

in the flashbacks we see Batman in his original 1940s costume (the one Owlman wore in that two part episode from Season 1).  notice the cool gloves!

I can't wait to see the Metal Men, and it looks like we get the Doom Patrol (to wash the taste of the Teen Titans cartoon version away) and possibly the Challengers of the Unknown, as Starro seems to be making an appearance in several of the opening sequences.

and they will use Captain Marvel but not Superman?  weird.  we do see Superman and Wonder Woman in a cameo in the sidekicks episode.  what a great show!


C. Elam said...

I never thought I'd see the day. I think the *only* Flash in B&B is Jay, so I guess that is how he made the cut. I doubt we'll see an extended role for Alan Scott, but that's a small price to pay.

In the B&B comic, the Doom Patrol was very similar to the one from Teen Titans. That doesn't really prove anything, but the basic designs were already fairly faithful.

I'm lost - why does Starro indicate the Challs? I would think they would fit in, but don't get the connection.

There are stories you can tell about Captain Marvel that aren't Superman stories, as I'm sure you know. As for Superman and Wonder Woman, I am sure they want to shy away from the "big guns" in favor of establishing other heroes. If the show lasts long enough, that will be something that will generate a lot of interest!

Xenorama said...

I will have to check the "Sidekicks" episode to see if Barry is in there. of course, Kid Flash is notably absent from the group, so... well lo and behold (see next post, probably, for pictures, since I've no idea how to get one in here!) there's a Flash in the JLA!
as far as the Challs/Starro... well, it's a teaser bit with Batman helping them check out a meteorite landing on Dinosaur Island. the Challs start to investigate and out pops... well, you can guess!