Friday, March 12, 2010

the invincible superwoman!

after many years of having a washed out multi-gen VHS copy (the other alternative was a crisper unsubtitled VHS copy) the digital revolution brought me a decent copy of this...

La Mujer Murcielago (1968) AKA Batwoman.  made entirely to cash in on the popular Adam West Batman (1966) (tv show and movie) at the time, it combined that with the lucha libre movies that El Santo and his pals were cranking out.

Maura Monti is an Italian actress who appeared in several Mexican movies, many directed by René Cardona.  here she plays a rich socialite who dedicates her wealth and time to fighting crime.  her "real" name is never given in the movie, oddly enough.

she's in Acapulco to look into the mysterious deaths of several wrestlers.  mostly she spends as much time in her bat bikini as possible, which, looking at it from a more grown up perspective, it quite a good thing.  she has to battle the evil machinations of Dr. Eric Williams, who wants to make fish men (the Pisces costume is pretty good, as is the underwater photography on display here).  

it's a fun movie, and clocking in at 80 minutes it doesn't waste a lot of time with talking heads and exposition.  obviously it was never released up here, as a lawsuit was waiting to happen, but it's far more entertaining than the misnamed Wild World of Batwoman (1966).

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