Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monster of the Week- Turu the Terrible

this is one of the more iconic scenes in the opening of Jonny Quest, though Turu is a different color there.

this is my favorite episode.  anyone want to hazard a guess why?  I'm not sure I ever saw this episode more than once when I was growing up but it sure stuck with me.  this is probably when the pteranodon became my favorite flying reptile as well.

Turu, is used by an evil old slave driver who thinks he is mining some silver.  it's really a far more valuable mineral that Dr. Quest is looking for in South America.

Turu is one tough animal, and really strong.  a bit larger than a real pteranodon, and comes equipped with sharp teeth, possibly an evolutionary adaption (or perhaps DE-evolutionary, DEVO was right!) into modern times.

one of the really fun things about this episode is that there's no explanation given of why there is a giant flying reptile alive in 1964.  or even where the old man came from.  not that there was time for much exposition with our heroes being attacked almost from the get-go by the soaring juggernaut.  in addition to Bandit, the comedy relief is supplied by their Australian boat captain who calls Turu a giant "goony bird" for most of the episode.

I so wanted Turu as a pet.  the old man is unpleasant to everyone but his animal, who obviously loves him as well.

naturally, I would have had my Turu go around doing good deeds instead of terrorizing South Americans, but that's just me.

Dr. Quest makes a lot of erroneous statements about the time these animals were alive in this episode, and he should have known better.  of course, he was fighting for his life, so perhaps he can be forgiven a little bit.


Sweet One said...

I wanted him as a pet, too!

Sweet One said...

I wanted him as a pet, too!