Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am watching this new movie, and... it's not easy for me.  usually I like these cartoons a lot, but I'm so familiar with "Crisis on Earth 3" that this seems a bit... off.  it's pretty good, but some of the weird changes made to the JLA (Firestorm is black now?  what's with changing J'onn's look?) are a little off putting.

still, it's not an adaption of the oh so fun but oh so full of corny dialog Justice League #29 and #30. this Crime Syndicate is a lot colder than the original, who just robbed and then... uh, I don't know what else.  these are terrorists who essentially run the United States with a delicate balance with the government's cooperation.

perhaps it's too "current".  it's also pretty predictable, which is something a long time comic book reader always has to deal with.

this Owlman does look better than his counterpart, but Power Ring does not.  and you can tell they loved Superwoman.  gotta love a show that actually does mention Earth Prime.  this is the third time I've seen Batman fight Owlman THIS year (due to the Brave and Bold two parter).

OK, I like it more now.


C. Elam said...

As I know you have since discovered, this is based on a script written for the Justice League series - I think it was projected as a project something like SUB-ZERO. I'd really have liked to see that version instead. This one...eh. Maybe a rental one day.

The version of the Crime Syndicate depicted owes more of a debt to a graphic novel that Grant Morrison wrote a few years ago. Although, obviously, the original looms large.

The other changes you mentioned (Firestorm & Martian Manhunter) are reflective of what was going on in the comics in recent years. I am sure you will be unsurprised to learn it has all changed again.

Xenorama said...

unsurprised, yes.

actually, I really enjoyed the last battle and how it all ended. and YES, the clues are there to what it would have been, the bridge between the JLA/JLU and those voice actors would have made it that much better.

it's better than the WW one, for sure.