Friday, April 16, 2010

an open letter to Bruce Wayne

Dear Bruce,

Get over it.  you aren't the only person who has lost your parents in a tragedy.  you are a rare person who had the wherewithal to live out your childhood revenge fantasy, but by the age you are now, you should realize that you'll never eradicate crime.

you should also realize that your parents wouldn't want you to live your life like this, alone, separate from friends and relationships. and you are a loner, right?  well, except for Alfred. and Dick.  And Barbara.  and Jim Gordon. and... oh wait, not much of a real loner are you?

so really you are just a kid playing with really cool toys.  sounds like you are living out the dream you have and are really having a great time.  the whole bad boy act is just that... an act.
so get over it.

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