Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Golden Arm!

own this great DVD!
another great Shaw Brothers presentation, this time from Tokyo Shock.  long available from rather sketchy bootleggers pretending to be real companies, this is the authorized edition, complete with both Mandarin language and English language tracks.

The Kid With the Golden Arm (1979) holds the distinction of being the first kung fu movie I ever saw.  well, at least remember seeing. I didn't see the whole movie- that would be the next evening's Avenging Warriors of Shaolin (also 1979) but I saw the last battle of this movie.  Channel 2, KWGN must have been having some kind of "kung fu" week of movies.  my brother had been watching Kid, so we were hooked by the end of it.

now there's this great DVD available of it, though Amazon seems to think it's a fullscreen presentation.  it's not.  once I get done watching it I'll post some screen captures.


Danny Coffin said...
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Danny Coffin said...

I recently bought this DVD as well,David;loved the film as much as I ever did,but seeing&hearing this remastered ROCKS! Who would've thought we'd ever actually get to see all these Shaw Bros. classics presented like this(&I'm eternally grateful)?

Xenorama said...

I know! and this one was never available "complete" like it is now. can't believe how good it looks as well.