Tuesday, June 8, 2010


one of my favorite Ultra aliens. he makes a return appearance in Ultra Galaxy Neo (no, I'm not writing out the entire name, this will suffice) to battle Rei and Gomora as the evil Ultraman.

Zarab is not very competent in this show.  which makes for a pretty funny episode all around.  it's episode #8, "Shoot the Infiltrator" which describes exactly what happens to our hapless villain.  a lot.

the subtitles on these HK discs are really something else.  I take it for granted that some translations of the "English" on most of these discs will have to happen, but these are just bad.  witness both subs I present here.  he's trying to fire the Spacium Beam, but the way the subs appear...

I have to watch the rest of the series so I can watch the movie, which looks pretty great.

and then I have one more Dark Knight related post.

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