Friday, July 2, 2010

Astro #15

Gangor the Monster
locals dance in Trinidad

Astro Boy and Mr Pompous are returning from Trinidad. "Patch" is also on the atomic ocean liner.  he has a new robot to sell to any crooks that want it.  it's a one man gang robot.
Mr Pompous in some kind of trouble
turns out the robot, Gangor, is based on a centipede.  it steals jewels from the passengers. Gangor is 47 robots in one!
the crooks try to double cross Patch, who seems to be surprised when he's blasted by the crooks. Gangor takes care of them, but Patch loses consciousness and Gangor goes out of control.

a school of sharks rescues Astro Boy.  how about that, sharks as heroes!

a good episode, and some funny sight gags here as well.  cool monster.

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rogue evolent said...

I just found your blog and really love it! Great little post about a truly unique and much loved series (Astro Boy). Good clean screen-grabs too.