Monday, July 26, 2010

The Avengers

not the first Avenger by a longshot
I can't believe I've had this blog for over four years and this is the first time I've mentioned the Avengers, who were the first superhero group I ever read.

more on that issue later, suffice it to say this issue to the left was not it.

the Avengers was almost always my first buy when it came to choosing comics.  I had several issues, but my first real "series" of actually finding one issue after the other was Avengers #101-108, which is still one of my favorite story arcs to this day.

it was very Vision/Scarlet Witch-centric, who at the time captivated my imagination.  it did also introduce me, albeit unknowingly to Harlan Ellison, which was pretty cool.  as well as Hawkeye in his odd costume that lasted all of those ten or eleven issues.
an awesome cover

there were some great comic book stories back then, I gotta say.  I highly recommend reading these stories, and they have been reprinted in the Essential Avengers v. 5, for a really good price.

I hope this is one of many Avengers posts to come.


C. Elam said...

I imagine it will be. :)

I am vague as to which was my "first" Avengers comic - it was either #145 (a fill-in issue!) or the issue of MARVEL TRIPLE-ACTION that reprinted the first appearance of the Living Laser.

I can't say that the Avengers was my favorite Marvel comic of all time, but it is one that I recall fondly and still enjoy revisiting. Ironically, my favorite stories growing up were the Thomas/Buscema stories that dated back to the 1960s!

Xenorama said...

boy I love having the Essentials. my favorite stories are 101-202, more or less. great art throughout, and lots of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch.