Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gabara vs Godzilla

just to start out with something really cool, this is a very nice shot of Manda, the monster from Atragon (1963). but the rest of the post is about Gabara.
the bully monster
he's such a cool looking monster, being one of the more unusual critters in the Toho pantheon of kaiju.  he just doesn't quite belong to any one group of creatures, he really is a nightmare monster.
judo throw!
of course, he's no match for even Minya, as bullies always cave when confronted.  but he then makes the mistake of attacking Godzilla.  and we know how that goes!

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Danny Coffin said...

Gabara's certainly one of my fave Godzilla foes(heck,one of my fave kaiju PERIOD)&that screencap with Gabara looking over those treetops is one COOL image8-)
I would've loved to see Toho film a 70's kaiju caper with Gabara,Hedorah,Gigan,Megalon,Mechagodzila&Titanosaurus raising havoc under King Ghidora's lead;of course,Godzilla&his buds would've had something to say about this...