Friday, July 16, 2010

the navy vs some "monsters"

watch the trailer here, it's quite exciting!
what, indeed?

here's an interesting, and kind of fun (in the can't believe it is actually a real movie sort of way).  an expedition to the Antarctic brings back some prehistoric plants, which turn out to be mobile and bloodthirsty. they also have acid in their... er, veins, years before the "aliens" franchise made that sort of thing very popular.

sounds great, huh?  it also has Mamie Van Doren as the lead actress, and make of that what you will. the entire cast is decent enough, and there's the standard comic relief mechanic present as well.

I like it, but that may be because I saw the last most exciting part as a kid in the middle of the night.
looks promising, huh?
too bad the DVD print is not great.  it's a bit dark and murky.

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