Saturday, July 17, 2010


started this page as a test to see if anyone is interested in a new issue of Xenorama. I am sure the world is holding it's collective breath for the answer!


C. Elam said...

Of course they are.

If you do, I think you should publish what you originally put together "as is" and fill out the rest with a bit of a retrospective.

You know, I am not even sure where my (electronic) copy of that last column even is anymore. It may currently exist only on zip disk.

Xenorama said...

well, it's finding the material that's the issue at this point- two states, two moves from and to... and countless others have kind of made me lose track of some things.

I may do a "best of" sort of thing, I am not sure just yet.

Danny Coffin said...

Whatever form it takes I certainly look forward to Xenorama's print rebirth!