Friday, July 9, 2010

Santo Y Blue Demon in the Land of the Midnight Sun..

what will our heroes do?
just got back from the MOPA at Balboa Park (here in San Diego) where they screened this wild luchador vs monster movie. having never seen one of these films on the big screen, it was quite a treat.

I do believe it actually was a DVD presentation.  it was subtitled in English and looks just like the copy I have. it also contained the same linguistic typos.

there were maybe 20-30 people in the audience.  a few of the people laughed at some of the more, er, interesting shots, but there were no mst-style morons trying to be funny, or no idiots trying to force a laugh at every little thing they possibly could.

the movie itself... well, it suffers from what most of them do, a lack of budget.  the ideas are good, but they just couldn't quite execute them very well. there is also woeful day for night shooting.  it's like they didn't even TRY to do it properly and just gave up 10 minutes into the script.  when the mad scientist says "come back, it's nearly dawn" and it's full on DAY, well, that does make people laugh. 

anyway, it was a lot of fun to see the movie on the big screen.  I hope they will do more such "mini-series" in the future.

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