Friday, October 1, 2010

Avengers*JLA #4

this is it, the team up of the teams and the final battle against Krona.  we find out just what the Grandmaster and Metron are up to and we get to see more incarnations of the Justice League and the Avengers than we ever thought possibly could have existed.

lots of times the final book in a miniseries, or even a maxi series is a let down.  not here. we get interesting snatches of conversation between many heroes, and not all are talking to their "opposite" numbers.

there's so much going on in the artwork and the script I am still seeing new things every time I read it.  I still think my favorite line of this issue is "Captain Marvel... LOOK OUT!".  of course, without the amazing accompanying visual, it wouldn't be as great, so go look.

it all wraps up nicely and at least we don't get the final shot of "maybe not..." at the end.  I love it and always will.

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