Tuesday, October 5, 2010

creature walking trailer!

here's one trailer for the third Creature movie-

I saw these three movies a lot growing up, so it's like watching old friends whenever I view the movies.  the DVD set is great.  oddly enough, here's a second trailer for this one.  this is the weakest of the three, but at least it's something slightly different than the first two.


Danny Coffin said...
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Danny Coffin said...

WHY did the film makers have to mutilate The Gill Man the way they did?!?''Shock value'',I guess.THE Creature's classic design is a textbook example of ''if it ANI'T broke,DON'T fix it''(not to mention one of THE most iconic monster designs of all time...)

Xenorama said...

I didn't like what they did, but at least it was something different. and it pretty much ended the series.