Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Godzilla vs the Thing (1964)

the fourth Godzilla movie, Godzilla vs the Thing is widely considered to be among the best Godzilla movies ever made.  it is!  while it's not my favorite Godzilla movie, I sure can see quality when it's in front of me. the only flaw is the end, with the rescue of the kids. would have been more exciting to have Kumayama and/or Torahata holding the kids hostage or something, with Godzilla heading their way.

well, I think it would make it better, anyway.


Anonymous said...

The *ONLY* good thing about "GODZILLA VS THE THING" is the Reynold Brown poster art and American International Pictures's exploitation USA movie title. Why Godzilla fans or even critics think THIS is a good Godzilla movie is beyond me ! The Godzilla costume, which many hail as a good design is really crappy looking. The lip part of the face FLOPS around like NO reptile's have ever in nature and the one dimensional frown on this Godzilla makes it look like the poor creature has down syndrome. Mothra as a monster to pit against Godzilla is really stupid. In nature a reptile like Godzilla would EAT the damn insect & be done with it . I've also NEVER been a fan of the " Mothra Fairies " or twins or whatever you call them. The " Peanuts " . This is the " cute factor " and fantasy element that has ruined latter Toho Godzilla films in my opinion . If you like these elements in your Godzilla cinema, you probably like all that Lord Of The Rings foo foo crap and going to " Ren Fairs " . . . . and are someone I could not talk to for more than 1 minute. Oh well. So, in MY OPINION "GODZILLA vs THE THING" is a TERRIBLE Godzilla movie . . . . Far better Godzilla films exist out there like GODZILLA VS THE SMOG MONSTER (too bad he flies), MONSTER ZERO (the cast with Nick Adams is entertaining. Lots of catch phrases & Kumi Mizuno!), DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (hands down a great Asian Monster Bash!) just to name a few. And yes, before you say it.... yes I am a very angry man & no I am not going to switch to de-caf coffee. So piss off !

Xenorama said...

huh. I think this has to be a worked post. and perhaps from I may have to moderate the blog, just so people who don't have the courage of their convictions to sign their names can't do stuff like this.

internet anonymity, the haven of the cowardly!

C. Elam said...

LOL @ the first comment. Who leaves that sort of confrontational comment on such an innocuous post? Especially as an anonymous.

Yes, I think someone must be "working heel", because I have a hard time believing in that one, too. I would just delete such knobs if they get too snippy.

Danny Coffin said...

Yeah,the cover afforded by the Inter-Nets seems a godsend for those lacking testicular fortitude(such as the first poster in this thread.)